Loosed Chains Outreach Ministries - The place were chains are broken and people are loosed from the
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Loosed Chains Ministries is dedicated to the great commission by our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST to: "GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD AND MAKE YE DISCIPLES OF MEN"!. JESUS also commanded, "THAT "WE" MUST COMPEL THEM TO COME!" Our Lord Jesus laid down His Life and Shed His Blood for All Mankind, Loosed Chains stands on allowing the Lord's Sacrifice to not be in vain. 
        Second, Jesus Christ made great declarations. Two of these being passionately the core of our ministry." FOR I'VE COME TO SET THE CAPTIVE FREE FROM THE BONDAGE OF SIN, AND TO LOOSE THEM OF THE SHACKLES AND CHAINS OF OUR ADVERSARY THE DEVIL." When Jesus met the man at the pool of Bethesda He asked him. "WILL YOU BE MADE WHOLE?"               
       We at Loosed Chains Dare to ask "Will You Be Made Whole?" if your answer is Yes, Then this Is the Ministry is for you, and any one else whose Sick and Tired of being sick and Tired. Loosed Chains stands on the fact that, its only through His Blood of the Lamb, and in the very words of our God Himself, "THAT IT IS NOT BY POWER, NOR BY MIGHT, BUT BY MY SPIRIT!" Thus says,                                                    
                                                      The LORD!!
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